Neverwinter: Nightfall

...In Sheep's Clothing

Our heroes explore a former place of knowledge turned den of evil

In search of maps for Madame Rosene, and leads regarding the rumored Ashmadai cult – our heroes set off the next morning to investigate The House of Knowledge. Once a glittering temple of Oghma, it is now a decayed ruin that houses refugees and degenerates of all types.

Before entering they are accosted by a New Neverwinter captain – a dwarf with a short temper and a particularly large sword strapped to his back. The warning is clear: the refugees have been lending the guards on the wall a hand, and in return are under the mercenary’s protection.

Very quickly, the investigation focused on bypassing the upper floors to seek out the archives below – where rumors say a ghost has haunted the abandoned stacks. But no sooner than the heroes try to descend the stairs than does their inquiry draw hostile attention. Many of the seemingly innocous bystanders arm themselves, as two men block the doors out, and brandish searing brands, barbed with the symbol of Azmodeus, Demon Prince of Tyranny. Our heroes barely survive a bloody melee as many of the refugees reveal themselves in league with the cultists, some of whom are concealed among their numbers. What few do not show adfiliation only cower in the corner.

Thanks to quick thinking, a flashing of blades, and sturdy armor, our heroes survive a violent ambush. What other dangers await in the House of Knowledge?



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