Neverwinter: Nightfall

The Lost Heir

The heroes aid Seldra in getting the Lost Crown to Neverwinter's heir

The heroes follow through with their carefully laid cloak-and-dagger plans. Using his unique talents, Filtchfollows a tall Son of Alogondar into the sewers beneath Blakelake, locating the headquarters of the rebel movement. It seems the lost Heir for whom Seldra has placed her faith is an officer in the movement, and arranges a meet that very night.

The heroes and Seldra arrive, and hand off the crown to the freedom fighter – who goes by the monicker Handsome Nate. He places the crown on his head – and is not consumed by frost and flame, proving that he is indeed the next in the bloodline. He beseeches the heroes to be present for the announcement of his presence in Neverwinter the next day at a popular market square.

The heroes arrive at the market early, gathering local rumors. Supposedly a wicked cult dedicated to the demon prince Azmodeus, known as the Ashmadai, have been branding locals with their vile mark for reasons that remain unclear. There is dissension in the ranks of The Harpers, following the death of one of their members. Beyond that, Lord Neverember is aggressively seeking any connection to the Alogondar bloodline.

The heroes leap into action when plaguechanged creatures attack the market. The Lost Heir arrives in the middle of the skirmish, clad head to toe in heavy platemail, wearing the crown that the heroes saved. Though the creatures are put down, a plaguechanged white dragon soon arrives and engages the Lost Heir in a battle of wills. Unable to hold the creature at bay, a fight begins. Viciously tearing into the wyrm, Birilands the final blow. The monster charged through the square as the Lost Heir appeared to cast a spell, petrifying his foe in place. Keen of eye, Asharothnoted that the spell was a ruse – and the power was in fact a spellscar ability.

With Mintarn mercenaries pressing in, the Lost Heir offered the heroes badges that indicate they are counted among his friends, before he vanishes into the city. There are holes in the Heir’s story, and his motives are questionable.

But for now, the heroes are on their own in the city, with many potential allies and enemies waiting for their next move.



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